Quadrennial Goes Bond

Quadrennial is a new music project formed by TJ and myself. I have known TJ for over 10 years now, having attended the same University where we both studied Popular Music and Recording. We were, until recently both members of Project Albin, a conceptual art rock band based in Manchester.

We have wanted to do something music based for quite a while now and Quadrennial is it. Why the name Quadrennial? Well, we are under the impression that all band names are rubbish that an act grows into and becomes their name. So why not name yourself after a 4 year cycle?

What is the future of Quadrennial? Well at the moment we are currently going to release a number of covers on Youtube. This is so that we can become more familiar with TJ’s newly constructed recording studio, Short Lane Studios. Hopefully, we are then going to get into the writing room and construct some original music for your listening pleasure.

So to kick us off, as the new Bond film is due out round about now… We have recorded the original Dr. No Bond theme for your listening pleasure. You can view this below.

More Quadrennial on the way.

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