Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome

Just in case you don’t know who I am, what I do or have stumbled upon this website by mistake and need that all important low down. Here is some information about myself.

My name is Adam and I am a musician based in Manchester, UK.

Recently I have finished recording sessions for the forthcoming album from Demon Dudes Revenge, entitled “An Adolescent Fantasy Vol. 2”. DDR is the solo project of ex-Demon composer and synth wizard Steve Watts and the sessions formed part of some of the most complex bass parts I have recorded.

Currently I contribute to a new online music magazine, Music Is Our Radar. Where I write articles, reviews and host their bi-weekly podcast.

There are many more new and exciting music projects on the horizon. Some that involve me sessioning on bass and others where I am playing other instruments and also writing. But, there will be more information regarding these new projects when it becomes available.

All news relating to the projects I am involved in, including blogs, music, film, pictures and press will be posted here on this website, adamhuntermusic.net. So, check back soon.


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