Drive – A Film

Here is my latest project, a film entitled Drive. I have been filming lots of stock footage of drives in the night when I have my camera with me. I think the results are decent, though I need work and will work harder to make my next film even better.

The music was recorded in 2013 for a good friend of mine Tommy Phillips, who wanted to film some type of horror short in and around the woods near where he lives. He didn’t end up using the music, so I used it for this. It was my first go at attempting to experiment with sound design. All the sounds were manipulated through trial and error. Each sound is heavily effected so in the most part they sound nothing like their original synthesis.

Big thank you goes out to the drivers of which this film would not be possible. I thank both Paul Dale and Kenneth C. Birch of which my test/experimentation would not be possible.

Check back next time for more sound and vision soon.


Adam Hunter (Cameras/Editor)
Paul Dale (Driver)
Kenneth C. Birch (Driver)
Filmed using a Canon 700D, a Canon IXUS 255 HS & a GoPro Hero
Edited on Final Cut Pro X

Music – Untitled/Soundtrack1 (A.Hunter – 2013)
Adam Hunter (Composer/Arranger/Programmer/Sound Design/Performer)
Using Software Logic Express 9


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