DDR Sessions – Blog 4

DDR Sessions – Blog 4

Preparation and the Spaces In between

There was some time between the first and second recording sessions. The main reason for this was because Lee Hudson, the drummer for this track had suffered knee ligament damage whilst playing 5 a-side football. As soon as I was informed, I sent Lee a message wishing him all the best in his recovery.

Knee ligament injuries, from my understanding of playing Football Manager (joke), can be a complex injury, which requires a lot of rest and recuperation time. I have every confidence that Lee will pull through this injury and be back to his drumming and football best soon.

Steve has decided after a few weeks, to get me in on my own and record my bass parts with the guide tracks that he had been sending me to practice. From that moment, I have got to admit that I grew more nervous. To be in a studio with a band is one thing, to be on your own with the composer and the engineer staring at you from the control room is another.

But, like I said in my previous blog, music is all about preparation, especially when some of the parts are as complex as within this composition. I know I’m going be fine because I always put enough preparation and practice into all of the recording and rehearsal sessions I attend.

But being prepared doesn’t always work out, I have been involved with projects in the past where the rest of the band, or some of the band members haven’t prepared and it can be demoralising. But, keeping it positive, I can’t wait to get back in there and get these parts laid down.

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