DDR Sessions – Blog 11

DDR Sessions – Blog 11

Home Studio Tour
Date: 19/04/2015
Location: Steve Watts, Home Studio, Todmorden.

Steve Studio Synth w: SteveAfter the drum session, Steve, Grant, Billy and myself went for a drink at the local pub. It was quite stimulating conversation where we took on a wide range of subjects. We did talk a lot about the project, what I had heard up until that point and what we all thought of it. We then got into a really weird conversation about control, direction and where we were trying to describe who we were and what we brought to the table. This was intertwined with a conversation about star signs. I really don’t believe too much about star signs if I am honest. But, Steve and Grant who was now accompanied by his wife were big into it.

After we left the boozer, Steve and I headed to the train station so I could get back to Rochdale. A brand new, state of the art roof is being installed at Victoria Train Station in Manchester. It’s a huge glass structure which looks amazing, complimenting the old Victorian architecture. This is all well and good for the train station, but the trains tonight would now be replaced by a coach service whilst the construction is taking place.

This put the train timetables into chaos, so Steve suggested we go back to his place and have a coffee while we wait. This was really nice of him to do this, I was overly polite as usual which I think got on Steve’s nerves a bit.

When we got into Steve’s he made himself a brew, he offered me but I am not much of a coffee or tea drinker. I daren’t tell Steve that because I know he loves coffee. “Come up stairs, Adam.” said Steve forcefully. “Hang on, I bet you say that to all the girls.” I chuckled.

Steve led me upstairs into his home studio. I really wasn’t expecting it to be honest. Don’t get me wrong Steve is the type of person to have this sort of set-up but I just didn’t expect him to have a room fully dedicated with this much gear. It was great. Steve proceeded to give me the full tour of the studio. Telling me some wonderful history of the band Demon, which he was a integral member of throughout the 80’s.

Steve then showed some excellent vintage, analogue synthesisers. Giving me some great examples of the sounds he can generate. Then he showed me some of the virtual synths on his computer. The studio is excellent working in both the analogue and the digital worlds. One day I am going to try and convince Steve to film a video a tour and upload it on Youtube. I think it would be great for all music technologists, synthesiser and keyboard players as well as Demon fans to get an insight into Steve’s musical world.

Steve has invited me along to further sit in on some of the recording sessions, which, time permitting I look forward to. I must really thank Steve for this insight into his home studio and inviting me along to the studio today, it really was a pleasure.

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