Adam Hunter

Currently working on his solo debut EP to be released later in 2015




A music duo founded by Adam Hunter and TJ. Currently working on releasing covers on the Quadrennial Youtube page with a view to writing, recording and performing new original material in 2016.


Session Musician

Demon Dudes Revenge – An Adolescent Fantasy Vol. 2 (2015)
Adam appears on electric bass on the epic 20 minute prog track Throwing The Switch.


Project Albin – Ambitions Concept Concert (2014)
Adam appeared on electric bass for the debut Ambitions Concept Concert. The feature length concert was performed with projected animations and was held at the Nexus Art Cafe in Manchester.


LLamas and Moonbeam Experiment (LAME) (2009)
Adam co-founded the Llamas and Moonbeam Experiment with Liad Janes in 2009 as part of their final performance exam at University. An instrumental, trippy, conceptual vibe, the band featured Adam on bass, Liad on drums and Peter Maughan on electric guitar.

Daniel Conan Moores (DCM) (2004-2007)
Adam appeared on electric bass as part of singer-songwriter Daniel Conan Moores (DCM) band between 2005-2007. Playing many gigs around the Manchester area, as well as appearing on unreleased recordings/demos. Daniel Conan Moores ceased his singer-songwriting career when he took the lead guitarist position of the band The Courteeners in early 2007.

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