Friends & Inspiration

Here are a list of some of my most favourite Musicians, Artists, Independent Publications and Content Creators. Some are friends, people I know or have known and some are artists or content creators I am inspired by. Over time this list should become more populated. Don’t forget to click the icon to be redirected to the content creator/musician/artists page.



TJ pci


TJ (Session Guitarist)


Steve Watts pics


Steve Watts (Composer/ex-Demon/DDR)


Adam Hart Pic


Adam Hart (Composer/Year Of The Rat/Patchwork Rattlebag)


Billy Pic


Billy Glew (Robinwood Recording Studios)




Chris Bailey (Bailey Audio/Nobody’s Heroes)


John Lowndes pic


John Lowndes (Patchwork Rattlebag)


Kris pic


Krzysztof Augustyn (Project Albin)


Romano pic


Romano Biasone (Project Albin)


Collibus Pic


Collibus (Progressive Metal)


Sly Antics Picture


Sly Antics (Alternate Rock)



New Media

Paul Dale pic


Paul Dale (Music Is Our Radar)


phil mcintyre pic


Phil McIntyre (The Hand Of Prog)


darren lock pic


Darren Lock (Prog Review – Youtube)


rob chapman pic


Rob Chapman (Youtube/Chapman Guitars/Dorje)


Anthony Fantano pic


Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop/Youtube)


Casey Neistat pic


Casey Neistat (Film Maker/Youtube/Creator of Beme)



Liad Janes Pic


Liad Janes (Artist/Illustrator)




Cameron Liam Issacs (Abstract Art & Design)






lasse hoile


Lasse Hoile (Photographer)


Andrew Brooks Photographer pic


Andrew Brooks (Photographer)


Rodger Dead Pic


Roger Dean (Artist)


Peter Saville Pic


Peter Saville (Art Director/Graphic Designer)



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