DDR Sessions – Blog 3

DDR Sessions – Blog 3 Recording 1 Date: 24/08/2013 Location: Robinwood Studios, Todmorden. So we’re back once again at Robinwood Studios in Todmorden. Lee had arrived early with Billy, to set up and mic the drum kit. Both Steve and myself arrived an hour later. The live room was like a boiler room. Really hot, with Lee […]

DDR Sessions – Blog 2

DDR Sessions – Blog 2 Rehearsal 1 Date: 17/08/2013 Location: Robinwood Studios, Todmorden. So, today was the first rehearsal with Steve Watts, Lee Hudson and myself. It was great to get into the rehearsal room and hear this stuff played by humans, instead of the sequenced riffs that Steve had been sending me in preparation. Leading up […]

DDR Sessions – Blog 1

DDR Sessions – Blog 1 First Impression So, a good friend of mine Steve Watts, who I did teacher training with a few years back at the University of Bolton, would you believe? Asked me to lay some bass on a track for his second solo album An Adolescent Fantasy Vol. 2. Steve Watts was […]