Drive – A Film

Here is my latest project, a film entitled Drive. I have been filming lots of stock footage of drives in the night when I have my camera with me. I think the results are decent, though I need work and will work harder to make my next film even better. The music was recorded in […]

The Last Hurrah: Bowie and Popular Culture

The whole world is talking about it. The death of a pop culture icon. To many the death of the pop culture icon. David Bowie, singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor, artist, genius has taken his final bow, as the curtain drops on the biggest stage, the majority of the world’s population begs for an […]

Quadrennial Goes Bond

Quadrennial is a new music project formed by TJ and myself. I have known TJ for over 10 years now, having attended the same University where we both studied Popular Music and Recording. We were, until recently both members of Project Albin, a conceptual art rock band based in Manchester. We have wanted to do […]

DDR Sessions – Blog 11

DDR Sessions – Blog 11 Home Studio Tour Date: 19/04/2015 Location: Steve Watts, Home Studio, Todmorden. After the drum session, Steve, Grant, Billy and myself went for a drink at the local pub. It was quite stimulating conversation where we took on a wide range of subjects. We did talk a lot about the project, what […]

DDR Sessions – Blog 10

DDR Sessions – Blog 10 Drum Session Date: 19/04/2015 Location: Robinwood Studios, Todmorden. A week ago Steve got in touch, inviting me to come and sit in on Grant Gilmour’s drum session. I had nothing to do that day, so I jumped at the chance to catch this. I met Steve and Grant in a local pub […]

DDR Sessions – Blog 9

DDR Sessions – Blog 9 Recording 4 Date 28/12/2014 Location: Robinwood Studios, Todmorden I had gotten to Rochdale train station just in time; ready to pay for my ticket at the ticket office when my train rolled in. I politely asked the gentlemen behind the counter to hurry so I could catch this train. He […]

DDR Sessions – Blog 8

DDR Sessions – Blog 8 Plans for the session A lot of time has been and gone since I was last in the studio, recording. It has been over a year since I first walked through the doors here at Robinwood Studios. A long time ago now, with a lot happening in that time. I […]

DDR Sessions – Blog 7

DDR Sessions – Blog 7 Vocal Session Date: 19/07/2014 Location: Robinwood Studios, Todmorden. I really didn’t know what to expect from today if I’m honest. I really didn’t know why Steve had invited me to this session in the first place. Yet, as I write this I am very thankful and grateful that he did. Today […]